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Let's improve our documentation!

What kind of documentation do you create?

Cultural? Scientific? Technical? Civic?

All valid & important! While this project grows out of software documentation, the tools, practices, and goals of various types of documentation have overlap and folks can learn a great deal from working together in an interdisciplinary setting.

Let's take a day to focus on improving our documentation.

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Who should attend?

Anyone working to improve the documentation for their project, creating tools for documentation, or folks interested in helping out and learning more about what it takes to write docs.

What will we do?

Docs Parties are more like a work party than hangout and socialize party (though that's a part of it too! Minus the booze!)

We'll spend most of a day writing and editing documentation. We'll provide lunch, drinks, and snacks so you and your team can focus on improving your docs.

At the end of the day we'll invite groups to give lightning talks about their projects and what they accomplished over the day.

Document your city

Civic and government technology need better documentation. Just knowing what city services exist can be a big challenge that can be addressed through documentation.

Document your code

It's easy to share code. It's not easy to share how to use it. We need great documentation for users of software to be effective.

Document your research

How is scientific data shared and how might it be documented in ways to make it more accessible?

Document your community

How might community organizations better document their processes, policies, and activities? Help make your community more effective by producing clear documentation.

Code of conduct

It's important that this project contributes to a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all, particularly for folks that are historically underrepresented in technology.

Read our code of conduct.

Support the production of quality documentation and help to build a documentation-focused community by sponsoring Docs Party! We need help covering space, food, and other costs of running the event.

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